Coming to a Cemetery Near You: Glass Headstones

Photo-Lundgren Monuments

If you’re pre-planning your funeral (as some people do) and want a headstone that will stand out from the rest, consider this latest trend – glass headstones:

‘When Greg Lundgren started working with cast glass as a young artist, he never imagined a cemetery would become his most popular canvas.

He initially used glass to make furniture, windows, doors and other common pieces of furniture.  But ten years ago, Lundgren was yearning to try something else with his material of choice, so he started to explore items typically made of granite.

“I went by one cemetery and that light went off, and you say, ‘Why not have a cast-glass headstone?’” Lundgren said.

So he made his first glass headstone in 2002, something that was not quickly accepted in a conservative industry accustomed to marble and granite.

Even today, some question if something so seemingly fragile can hold up during cold winters and hot summers.  But Lundgren said the headstones, which are at least four inches thick, are surprisingly resilient.

“You look at skyscrapers or you look at streetlights or you look at car windshields, and these are all things that we live with on a day-to-day basis and have a lot of faith in,” Lundgren said.

Lundgren hopes to start a dialogue about death, getting people to re-imagine what a cemetery can be.

“You can’t walk into a cemetery and see 5,000 granite headstones that all look the same and imagine that every single one of those people had that type of commonality,” he said.

Lundgren said the cost for such memorials can vary, depending on how much glass is used, but the price can typically fall on the higher end of the memorial spectrum.’ 

What a great idea! For more pictures, visit Lundgren’s website.

What do you think of glass headstones?

One comment on “Coming to a Cemetery Near You: Glass Headstones

  1. david mcdermott says:

    Very different, and it will stand out. I guess the longevity is the same as granite…

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