Grave Dowsing

Me dowsing

What can you do with bent wire coat hangers? You can use them as antennae for your old TV but here’s something even better – use them to dowse for forgotten graves! Now there’s a way to purposefully recycle wire hangers.

The art of dowsing (there is no scientific evidence that it actually works) has been around for a long time. People dowse for water, oil, metals and buried people or animals. Ask any cemetery director in your area about it – if they’re worth their salt they probably know one or two grave dowsers. To some, dowsing is just supernatural mumbo-jumbo but to others, dowsing is a path to enlightenment and it’s all about working with earth’s energies.

If you’d like to make the journey to enlightenment via grave dowsing, then all you need is an open mind and a couple of L-shaped metal dowsing rods. Oh, and you also probably need a dowsing site, preferably an old graveyard. Hold the rods out in front of you and walk forward slowly. Carefully watch the dowsing rods – if they cross, then you’ve found something! The dowsing rods react to the magnetic polarity of buried bodies – if the body is male, the rods will turn clockwise and if the body is female, the rods will turn counter-clockwise.

Yeah. Personally, I’d like to accompany a grave dowser and see it in action – even though I watched a few dowsing videos on the wonder that is YouTube:

If you own a smart phone, there is (not surprisingly) an app for dowsing. It’s called ‘Dowsing Pro.’ The description reads:

‘Dowsing Pro is the next evolutionary step in the art of dowsing! By using the built in magnetic compass, three axis accelerometer, and multi touch interface screen the application reproduces real world effects similar to traditional dowsing rods.’

Yeah – there’s an app for everything!

Have you dowsed for graves?

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