K9 Memorials

I’m a dog person. The kind of dog person that is not a cat person. You know how there are some people who like dogs and cats? I’m not one of those. But it’s not that I don’t like cats – they don’t like me. At least 97% of the time cats never come near me. I know that the standoffish-ness is just part of their personality but still…

Anyway, as I started off saying, I like dogs a lot so K9 memorials hold a special place in my gravetender heart. Here are some poignant memorials I’ve heard about:

  • “Always Faithful” – this K9 memorial is located in Guam and was sculpted by Susan Bahary, who was inspired by the heroic spirit of these dogs. It was dedicated on July 21, 944 and the first part of the inscription reads: ‘25 marine war dogs gave their lives liberating Guam in 1944. They served as messengers, sentries, scouts. They explored caves, detected mines and booby traps. Semper Fidelis.’
Always Faithful, Doberman, Military Working Do...

Always Faithful


  • Sirius Dog Memorial – this memorial is located in Sirius Dog Park in Bayonne, NJ. The park is named in honor of Sirius, a four year old yellow Labrador who was killed on September 11, 2001. Sirius, a bomb detecting canine, was the only dog killed in the terrorist attack that brought down the twin towers in New York. Part of the inscription on Sirius’ memorial reads: “A loving aura fills the sky, As you rest on clouds of fleece, And angels tuck you in, May you sleep in heavenly peace.”


 Do you know of any K9 memorials?

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