Easter Flowers For All

Yes, it is a little early to be thinking about Easter but it was a sunny (and windy) 76 degrees today so I’m feeling spring-y. Also, the CVS down the road has started selling those delectable creme-filled Cadbury eggs that I always associate with Easter baskets and can’t seem to resist. Hmm…now I’m feeling spring-y and hungry…

Cadbury Creme Egg

Anyway, sunny days in March beget thoughts of spring showers which beget May flowers. Here are some of the most popular flowers I see at the cemetery during Easter (and if you like, I can lay an Easter bouquet on your loved ones grave – just send me a note):

Easter Lily – the Easter lily is native to Japan and was introduced to the USA by a tourist who had visited Japan. The lily represents purity, innocence and hope and Christians associate these qualities with Jesus, who was pure and innocent when he died on the cross. Some also say that when Eve was banned from the Garden of Eden, she cried tears of repentance and lilies grew from her tears. White lily bouquets are very popular during Easter.

} Longi lily (Lilium longiflorum) also known a...

Daffodils – these flowers symbolize rebirth and renewal just like spring, which is the season they bloom. Christian tradition says the daffodil first bloomed during the resurrection of Christ. The most common types of daffodils are yellow, but they also come in orange, white and cream. And allegedly if you step on a daffodil you’ll bring yourself years of bad luck, so watch where you step this spring.

English: Daffodil of spring.

Tulips – these bulbs are ubiquitous come springtime and come in all kinds of different colors – white tulips represent forgiveness, yellow tulips express happiness and cheer and purple tulips symbolize royalty. Tulips are simple, beautiful and symbolize the love Jesus gave to the world.


What other flowers do you associate with Easter?

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