The Best Christmas Gift Ever – A Clone.

Christmas in the post-War United States

It’s Christmas Eve. The Gravetender household is quietly anticipating tomorrow’s festivities – dinner with family and friends but before that, opening the presents that currently lay in wait under the Christmas tree (the fake kind, but adequate nonetheless). There is one gift with my name on it and it’s from Gravetender Hubby and Gravetender Baby. Gravetender Hubby says this gift “will make my life SO MUCH easier.” Hmm. That must mean my present is a clone – yay!

After all, a clone is the only thing I can think of that would “make my life SO MUCH easier.” Is there anything else that could accomplish this feat? I’m already imagining just how different my life will be after I get the clone…all the sleep I’ll get while the clone is doing my work. No more washing dishes (or running the dishwasher). No more folding laundry. No more commuting in traffic to my day job. This is going to be great!

I wonder if  I’ll have to train the clone. A clone of me should already be perfect though, so I don’t think I’ll spend a lot of time teaching it how to do things. I may give it a name because I don’t want to have to call it ‘it’ forever. And we will have to discuss boundaries – just because the clone does what I do doesn’t mean it IS me and thus it shouldn’t expect any special favors. The clone won’t be mistreated though…it will have days off (here I envision just turning off a switch located somewhere on the clone’s body) and bonuses for a job well done.

How Gravetender Hubby found this clone and managed to wrap it into a present that measures 10″ by 8″ is beyond me. I don’t remember seeing any ads on TV showing a clone with a big, red bow in the driveway…how did he get it? I did see a large-ish cardboard box in the trash the other day so he must have ordered the clone online…anyway, I’ll find out for sure in about 20 hours.

I’m so excited about my Christmas Clone ! Gravetender Hubby is right – this will be the best. Christmas. ever!

Happy Holidays to you all!


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