No Flowers At My Funeral.

Mi Funeral 2

If you could plan your own funeral, would you? Could you sit down and write out your own eulogy? Could you pick out your own coffin? Or if you dislike coffins, could you pick the place where you want your ashes scattered? If making plans for death sounds like your cup of tea, then Barbara Gibson wants to help you do it.

Barbara Gibson is the founder of ‘Last Wishes.’ According to her website, Last Wishes is the only one-on-one service that helps people decide how they want to be remembered.

Last Wishes is for the “planning generation,” says Barbara Gibson. “We are the savers, the planners of important landmark family events and the organizers of holiday events.  Creating a Last Wishes plan lets us make decisions before there is a crisis and eases the burden for friends and family after we die.”   

I get it. Some people would rather plan all the details of their funeral than have to rely on grieving family members/friends, who most likely (but unintentionally) would muck things up. Like they might select a coffin with a white lining but you prefer purple silk. Or they might scatter your ashes in the ocean when you’d rather be scattered on your favorite golf course. Or they might keep your ashes in an urn on the fireplace mantle when you’d rather be touring the world in a Bodyworlds exhibition.

So it makes sense to think about these important details while you still have time. The problem is, there aren’t very many people out there who can sit down with someone and make plans for death without getting scared. Alas, we are not immortal (at least, not yet) and we tend to fear the unknown. So it can’t be easy to think about death and the changes it will bring to your close ones….the ones that will actually miss you, that is.

Also, there’s the distinct possibility that even after you’ve painstakingly carved out all the details of your ‘death experience’ your instructions won’t be followed. After all, it’s not like you’ll be there to make sure your grieving spouse posts your obituary in the right newspapers and deletes your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You’ll be dead and there’s no coming back from that. So maybe it’s better just to write your will, settle all debts, die and hope for the best!

Would you make a Last Wishes Plan?

One comment on “No Flowers At My Funeral.

  1. Debe says:

    No fancy funeral for me….just cremate and stick me in a windchime!

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