St. Peter’s Cemetery

Established in 1955, St. Peter’s Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in St. Louis, MO. Located at 2101 Lucas and Hunt Road, tall black gates open into 119 acres of well-maintained grounds bordered on one side by a beautiful rock wall. The cemetery is under endowed care (beginning in 1912) and is currently managed by St. Peter’s Evangelical Church.

In addition to numerous graves that showcase gravestone symbolism at its best , St. Peter’s Cemetery also has a chapel, a mausoleum complex with cremation niches, a columbarium and garden crypts. Some famous people interred at St. Peter’s include:

  • James ‘Cool Papa’ Bell – Born: May 17, 1903 | Died: March 7, 1991. Hall of Fame baseball player known for his amazing speed.
  • Wendell Pruitt – Born: June 20, 1920 | Died: April 15, 1945.  A Tuskegee Airman, Pruitt shot down three German airplanes and helped sink an enemy ship – he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with seven clusters. He was killed in a training exercise at Tuskegee Air Force Base.
  • Anna C. White – Born: Unknown | Died: 1996. A Democratic Committeewoman, she was a delegate at the 1960 Democratic Convention where she endorsed John F. Kennedy’s bid for President of the United States.

Here are some pictures I took during a recent visit to St. Peter’s. I apologize for the time-date stamp on the pictures…I couldn’t figure out how to change it on the camera menu and it was getting dark so I just went with it. I’m a gravetender, not a photographer:)


An old headstone

An "old" section marker

Garden of the Good Shepherd

Fall in St. Peter's Cemetery

A draped headstone or monument is a symbol of mourning

Old, broken headstone

Broken Columns are a symbol of a life cut short.

The fern represents 'victory over death' and the symbol to the right is associated with members belonging to the Freemasons.

'Cool Papa' Bell's grave

The streets in St. Peter's Cemetery are named after trees


One comment on “St. Peter’s Cemetery

  1. Peter says:

    Hi … By any chance did you photograph the memorial to the Good Shepherd (Dalbeth Convent) nuns who were buried there. I understand that their names are inscribed on it.

    I am trying to trace the burial place of my Gran Aunt (Sr. Brigid Keeley) who joined the convent there and died circa 1937 … I’m presuming she was buried in the old St. Peters Convent plot.

    Many Thanks … Peter Keeley

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