Gravetender at the Movies: Limitless

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a genius? To have an IQ score over 160? I have. But even geniuses don’t use all of their brain cells. None of us do. Despite the progress we’ve made since the dark ages (and some might say that ‘progress’ is currently in doubt), humans use approximately 10% of their brain (OK, I know this is a myth but it works with my review of this movie….we can argue the facts later).

Since the brain is so powerful and amazing and all that, WHY don’t we know how use it? ‘Limitless,’ directed by Neil Burger, puts an interesting spin on this unanswered question.

Starring Bradley Cooper (‘The Hangover’), Abbie Cornish (‘Stop-Loss’) and Robert De Niro (too many to name), ‘Limitless’ is about Eddie Morra (Cooper), a writer with a book deadline and a bad case of writer’s block, a girlfriend (Cornish) who leaves him for greener pastures and a landlord hounding him for the rent. Suffice it to say, Eddie’s life pretty much sucks.  But things start to look up when he bumps into his ex-brother-in-law, who slips him a pill that changes his life. The pill opens up Eddie’s brain. ALL of it. He is suddenly able to do things really, really well so he finishes his book in about 4 hours, makes up with his girlfriend and learns how do day-trade to the tune of millions of dollars in less time than it takes to complete an MBA application.

But with every high comes a sordid fall. That’s the funny thing about taking drugs…you have to keep taking them. Eddie soon finds out that there are painful side-effects to the drug, but like all faithful drug addicts, he keeps popping the pills and his newfound talent for making money finds him in the company of a powerful mogul, Carl Van Loon (De Niro). Can Eddie keep it together enough to broker a huge deal for Van Loon and thus ensure his (Eddie’s) retirement? Sounds easy enough,  but there are demanding loan sharks to contend with and the threat of a diminishing supply of pills. Even with an IQ off the charts, life is never a walk in the park.

I liked this movie. Cooper is easy on the eyes and so is Cornish (…just saying) and they have good chemistry. The storyline may be be unrealistic but it’s interesting and humorous. The plot doesn’t try to explain how the pills help Eddie access all of his brain but that’s OK, because really, I don’t think anyone has an answer to that. It’s just nice to imagine what it would be like to be that smart. ‘Limitless’ does it well and I give it a fairly high recommendation.

In case you’re wondering, a fairly high recommendation is a 7/10. Go see it. Go rent it. Go watch it online.

Have you seen ‘Limitless?’ Did it make you want to find out your IQ score?

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