Above-Average Halloween


It’s that time of year again – (cue the scary music) – Halloween! And around this time, people do crazy things. Scary things. Stupid things. If you’re the type to wear an average costume (e.g., witch, nurse, firefighter) and go trick or treating with the kids or to a friends’ Halloween party, well, then you’re an average Halloweener. There are others among us that go ALL OUT. These are the above-average Halloweeners.

You probably know an above-average Halloweener. They are the ones who start decorating their yards in early September. They spend entire weekends searching for candy and candy containers. They make their own Halloween costumes – like this interesting get-up:

Homemade Head Hunting Shaman Priestess and Unfortunate Safari Trekker Couple Costume

For those of you who don’t get it, they are dressed up as ‘Head Hunting Shaman Priestess and Unfortunate Safari Trekker.’

Cemeteries tend to be one of the favorite haunts (pun intended) of above-average Halloweeners. We’ve all heard the stories on the morning news every November 1 – somebody was seen climbing over a cemetery wall at midnight, running through the graveyard half-naked and screaming, “Where are you, headless horseman?” I’m not sure why Halloween draws people to the graveyards…I just hope that this Halloween does not bring any incidences of cemetery vandalism or theft.

I’m a below-average Halloweener myself but I do enjoy the efforts of above-average Halloweeners. Their creativity and overall adoration of this pagan holiday adds some spice to the end of October. And it produces amazing light shows like this:

WOW. Aren’t you inspired to become an above-average Halloweener?


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