You Are A Minority If You Live In This Town

Welcome to Colma

Colma, CA has 1,792 above-ground residents and  1.5 million below-ground souls. The town is home to 17 cemeteries and is known as the ‘City of Souls’. But the town’s motto says it best – “It’s great to be alive in Colma.”

Can you imagine having all your next-door neighbours living six feet under? At least you wouldn’t have to call the cops to complain about loud, late-night parties. It must be a calm and quiet place to live, although I’m sure there are numerous local stories about cemetery hauntings and wandering zombies disturbing the peace. And Halloween probably draws a large number of out-of-town “ghost hunters” and the like, although with a long history of being a necropolis, Colma likely has its own way of dealing with such intruders.

Colma is located in San Mateo County, not too far from San Francisco and has a total area of 1.9 square miles. The town became the ‘City of Souls’ when San Francisco announced its land would no longer be used for cemeteries in 1900 (increased property values made the land too valuable to be used just to bury the dead). Then, in 1912 San Francisco evicted all the cemeteries from its city limits so the cemetery operators relocated to Colma and have continued doing business there ever since.

Some of the cemeteries in Colma include:

  • Cypress Lawn Cemetery – William Randolph Hearst (publishing magnate) is buried here.
  • Hills of Eternity Memorial Park – Wyatt Earp is buried here.
  • Holy Cross Cemetery – Joe DiMaggio (baseball legend) is laid to rest here.
The mausoleum of Joe DiMaggio at Holy Cross Ce...

Joe DiMaggio's Grave

  • Pets Rest Cemetery – they offer cremation and lawn burials

Colma, CA sounds like the perfect place for someone like me! Anybody else interested in moving?

  • RIP Tofu (

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