Ash Scattering 101

We humans are a creative bunch. We have all kinds of ideas about all sorts of things. And we usually try to sell those ideas to each other on a daily basis. Just think of all the ads you see or hear from people trying to sell you a new! different! buy now while stocks last! widget on a daily basis. Hey, even this blog is trying to sell you something (please – buy now while stocks last!).

Some ideas are more creative than others. For those who are in the market for scattering ashes – as in the ashes of your cremated loved one or pet – look no further:

Ash Scattering Via Skydive – from the Blue Sky Goodbye website:

We truly believe that no greater freedom exists than the feeling of free falling though the sky. The wind in your hair, the sun warming your face, and a view so majestic, it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Away from the constraints of all things human, it is there that you become one with the Earth. Saying a final goodbye to a loved one and having their ashes dispersed via sky dive is the ultimate in setting them free.’

Creative, no? Not only is this service free (they accept donations), it’s legal (in Arizona) and you get a nifty tribute video as a memorial keepsake.

Photo Source:

Ashes For Fishes – just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you can’t save the environment. Eternal Reefs puts your ashes to good use helping the marine eco-system. Here’s what they do:

‘Eternal Reefs takes the cremated remains or “cremains” of an individual and incorporates them into an environmentally safe cement mixture designed to create artificial reef formations. The memorial reefs are taken to a curing area and then placed in the permitted ocean location selected by the individual, friend or family member.’

If you love the ocean, this could be the perfect final resting place. You’ll have to dig deep in your pockets though – a memorial reef for you and your spouse/partner/whomever costs about $5,000. So, a little pricey but still creative. And environmentally friendly.

Photo Source:

Theme Park Ashes – Back in 2007, one person allegedly tried to scatter the ashes of their loved one in the popular ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride in Disneyland, CA. The LA Times reported the following:

A witness described the substance as a baby powder that quickly dissipated,” Disneyland resort spokesman Rob Doughty said. “We reopened the attraction after determining that there was no hazard to our guests.” Disney officials said they were unaware of any confirmed ash-scattering incidents in the park, and they didn’t believe it to be a problem. From time to time, guests do ask permission to disperse ashes on park premises. “The answer, Doughty said, is always no.”

I guess some people really love those rides. Creative, yes. Legal, not so much.


Photo image via Wikipedia


As cremation continues to grow in popularity (and put gravetenders like me out of business – buy now while stocks last!) the list of interesting and creative places to scatter ashes will only get longer. I wonder what people will come up with next?

Where would you want your ashes scattered?

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