Death Wars: Body Disposal – Cremation vs. Cadaver

Which Way to the War
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Yes, this topic may be gruesome to some people but death happens every day and therefore the decision on how to dispose of the body is also made every day. OK, maybe the words ‘dispose of the body’ are a bit harsh – feel free to think of it in whatever soothing terms appeal to you.

Today in ‘Death Wars,’ we consider the relative merits of cremation versus cadaver. And by cadaver we mean a medical cadaver, the kind that gets dissected by medical students in a lab. Not to be confused with a crash test cadaver, a forensic study cadaver or a touring-the-world cadaver. Please note that this comparison is totally unscientific and cannot be proven in a court of law or any other authoritative venue.

Cost About $1,000, depending on what bells and whistles you (or whoever cremates you) add. Free! Just find a med school that’s willing to take you
Odor Scale Minimal Pretty darn smelly
Social Acceptance Gaining in popularity Not so much
Contributing to a Life-Saving Medical Discovery Miniscule Better than average
Special Effects Extreme heat (1800 – 2000 degrees Fahrenheit) Tie Tie It’s a cadaver…enough said.
Zombie-fication Possibility 40% (think Freddy Krueger) 99.9% (think Friday the 13th)


And the winner is…Cadaver!! If you decide this is is how you want to ‘go out’, just think of all the numerous first year med students who will forever be in your debt. And if they take a picture and post it on Facebook, at least you won’t be alive to see it.

Would you donate your body to science?

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