Gravetender At The Movies: ‘Contagion’


When I’m not tending graves, I enjoy watching movies. It’s become a bit of an expensive hobby in these recessionary times though, and there aren’t too many options out there that accomodate a tight budget:

  1. Movie theater: Just the movie – about $10. Movie with popcorn and soda – about $20 (and this is only for one person!)
  2. Cable: average cost for new movie releases – around $5 – $8.
  3. Netflix: about $8 (add an extra $5 for stress-related costs if you have the streaming option and your internet connection isn’t as fast as it should be).
  4. Redbox: $1 a movie a night. But you have to wait 3 months to see new stuff.
  5. Hulu: I really don’t know anything about this – I think it’s free? But you still need an internet connection (see #3).
  6. All the other movie watching options that I’m not aware of (hey, I can’t keep up with everything. I’m only human).

Anyway, I shelled out the requisite $10 to watch ‘Contagion’ last night. Now, I’m not necessarily germ-phobic but when I left the theater I did not want to touch anything or anyone. Including Gravetender Hubby, Gravetender Baby and Gravetender Car Door Handle! ‘Contagion’ did a great job of emphasizing the fact that germs are everywhere. Ick.

The movie has a fairly large cast of stars, as in the kind of stars you’ve probably heard of before – Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne. The director is Steven Soderbergh (of the ‘Erin Brockovich’ and’ Ocean’s Eleven’, ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ & ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ fame). Based on those credentials one would expect a pretty good movie and one would not be disappointed. The main storyline of the film involves the rapid spread of a deadly disease across the globe which causes an upheaval in the lives of the main characters and in society as a whole. There is a quick descent into all-out crazy behaviour as the authorities desperately search for a cure. Although a bit slow at times, the movie is a thriller in that it effectively shows just how vulnerable we are to an unknown virus with a mission. I think this line from one of the characters, Dr. Erin Mears (Kate Winslet), says it best:

“The average person touches their face 3-5 times every waking minute. In between, we’re touching doorknobs, water fountains, and each other.”

Enough said. Bring on the hand sanitizer.

2 comments on “Gravetender At The Movies: ‘Contagion’

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Nice review. Soderbergh’s Contagion offers little new about fear and horror but his behind-the-camera ability to be fresh — along with help from an all-star cast — elevates his thriller from boredom, if only just slightly. Check out my review when you get a chance!

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