Get Your Own Windmill

Some people have no cemetery etiquette.

I visited Lake Charles Cemetery late one afternoon, looking for a grave (no, I’m not a weirdo – I just tend graves for a living). My client had drawn a map with directions – really, it was just a few lines on paper with an ‘X’ marks the spot – and she claimed the grave would be easy to find. Well, it took me about 20 minutes to find it (so much for ‘X’ marks the spot maps) and as I traipsed around the cemetery, wondering if I was on ‘Mission:Impossible,’ I came across an older gentleman trimming the grass at a gravesite.

Not wanting to interrupt I walked past him and nodded hello. But he stopped me and we spoke for a few minutes. I told him about my trouble with the map and he told me he was cleaning his wife’s grave.

“I come here every day,” he said.

“Every day?” I said.

He told me that he likes to keep his wife’s grave neat and clean. She had been sick for a long time and had prayed for death to come take her. He thought he would go first but he’s glad she’s no longer in pain, although he misses her a lot. Her name was Betty. He used to visit her every few days and leave flowers and decorations, but one day he noticed that someone had taken one of the windmills he’d put on the grave. He found the windmill on another grave, just a few feet from Betty.

“Can you believe someone would steal my windmill?” he said.

I shook my head.

“I took my windmill back. And now I come everyday to make sure Betty’s alright.”

Some people have no cemetery etiquette. Stealing a windmill off someone else’s grave?? That’s low.

What’s on your list of bad cemetery etiquette?


One comment on “Get Your Own Windmill

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